We share a giant spaceship, you, me, and the other three.

Don’t ask me what happened, I wasn’t there; but, from what I can tell, things did not go so well.

First, there was a storm.

Blew across the whole nation, coast to coast, and then some.

Then there was that whole thing with the heat from the sun – cooked up a lot of people – burned down crops, houses, dead or dry trees – you name it, it was burnt.

Then there was the famine, and the banks closing down; some jobs went kaput, others didn’t – the obvious: sciences, mathematics, engineering, health fields – they did ok. Or, better. They did better than most. Maybe. I don’t know, not my area of expertise. Anyway –

Say again?

What do I do?

Oh, I’m the Chronicler!…Never said I was any good.