Zaelee Hickson is a Technology and Design Coordinator who works in the marketing department at a nonprofit in Charleston, SC. When she’s not producing content for work, she’s writing feverishly in the umpteenth journal she owns, skimming through book recommendations on NPR’s “find a book” and “review” pages; doodling and drawing in her sketchbooks, taking photos of people, places, nature, and things; creating short films and animations, watching her favorite TV shows and movies, and keeping up with what’s going on in the world.

While Zaelee’s written work shifts between Poetry and Prose, Fiction and Creative NonFiction, the core of her writing is rooted in people and our relationships: with each other, with ourselves, with the world. She draws from personal experiences, keen observations, and deep empathy to tell a story; a passion of hers since she was six years old.


Zaelee Hickson is the pseudonym of Gabri-EL Dawkins, a National Writer’s Union member. If you are wanting to perform, adapt, or otherwise make use of any/all work Zaelee has produced/published on this blog or elsewhere, permission must given by, and possible legal payment made to, Zaelee Hickson (Gabri-EL Dawkins) prior to use/adaptation/ performance.

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